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1.Brown, JaclynUsing Energy Metrics to Explore Differences in ENSO in GCMs
2.Buckley, MarthaRole of Ocean Circulation in Atlantic Multidecadal Temperature Variability
3.Castet, ChristelleClimate feedback analysis of the GFDL IPCC AR4 global warming simulation
4.Daron, Joseph
5.Den Toom, MatthijsNumerical Bifurcation Analysis of Ocean-Climate Models
6.Diaconescu, Emilia PaulaInternal Variability of the Canadian Regional Climate Model and Singular Vectors
7.Feske, NilsResults of Global Circulation Models - Analysis and comparison for Germany
8.Fortuny, DidacExamining the projected reduction in Mediterranean rainfall
9.Gallouet-Agosta, CecileThe Antarctic GLACIOCLIM-SAMBA transect: Field Observations; Evaluation and scaling of climate models
10.Gnandt, Boglarka and Less, EditClimate Change Impact on the Hydrologic Regime of the Tisza River Basin, a CLAVIER Project Study
11.Hannart, AlexisUncertainty on climate sensitivity is not a fatality
12.Herceg Bulic, IvanaEnsemble analysis of the Northern Hemisphere atmosphere response to observed SST anomalies 1855-2002
13.Huisman, SelmaMultiple Equilibria of the global ocean circulation
14.Jackson, JamieInitialization of a simple ENSO model
15.Kiss, PéterOn the missing link between space weather and lightning activity
16.Kondrashov, D., M. D. Chekroun, S. Kravtsov and M. GhilRandom attractor reconstruction by empirical model reduction: Application to ENSO Time Series
17.Livina, Valerie N.Bifurcation analysis of geophysical time series
18.Lucas-Picher, PhilippeVery high resolution regional climate modelling over Greenland
19.Madhusoodanan, M.S.The sensitivity of the Indian Ocean circulation to the Indonesian Through Flow (ITF) - a model study
20.Morak, SimoneAnthropogenic Changes in Temperature Extremes
21.Nicolosi, VincenzoDeriving parametric discrete and continuous operating rules through heuristic optimization for multiuse water supply systems
22.Patarcic, MirtaDynamical downscaling of ECMWF experimental seasonal forecasts
23.Persechino, AurelieDecadal Climate Variability associated with the Meridional Overturning Circulation and the North Atlantic Oscillation in a new Climate Model (CHIME)
24.Pieczka, IldikóEvaluation of regional climate modeling experiments for Hungary using the model PRECIS
25.Plavcova, EvaImpacts of extreme weather events on mortality
26.Prein, AndreasUncertainties in driving data for regional climate models in the Alpine region
27.Reinhardt, HeikoNorthern Atlantic Sea Level Rise derived from gap filled tide gauge stations of the PSMSL
28.Richter, FalkUsing ARGO and alimitry to assess the quasi-stationary circulation in the North Atlantic
29.Separovic, Leo
30.Shlezak, IlitThe effect of sea ice on the high-latitude hydrological cycle during the LGM
31.Shongwe, MxolisiProjected changes in mean and extreme precipitation in Africa under global warming
32.Srnec, LidijaComparison of climate change over Europe based on global and regional models
33.Sutcliffe, AnnaInvestigating Decadal Changes in Mesoscale Propagating Systems
34.Taschetto, Andreaa. Australian monsoon variability linked to tropical Pacific SST anomalies
b. Projected changes to the Southern Hemisphere ocean and sea-ice in the IPCC AR4 climate models
35.Toreti, AndreaExtreme precipitation in the Eastern Mediterranean: a dePOT approach
36.Torma, CsabaAdaptation of RegCM3 regional climate model and the estimation of regional climate change using A1B scenario for the Carpathian Basin
37.Torres, Roger RodriguesFuture climate change projections for Brazil by the end of the XXI. century based on the IPCC AR4 models and three regional climate models
38.Tsenova, BoryanaStudy of the tropopause thermodynamical conditions over Sofia during the warm half year and their relation with precipitation
39.Vaz Martins, Teresa and Toral, RaúlDivide and conquer
40.Vial, JessicaAssessment of Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model Simulations of Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric Blocking
41.Werner, AngelikaInfluence of SST modes on regional tropical cyclone development in the Australian region
42.Ziehn, TiloRegionalisation of the key carbon storage parameter within the Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System (CCDAS)
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Városklíma 2011 
RCM Workshop 2008 
HIRLAM / AAA Workshop 2007 
The preparation of climate atlas 
17th EGOWS Meeting 
ALADIN 2002 
6th Seminar for homogenization 
5th Seminar for homogenization 
3rd Seminar for homogenization 
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