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"I enjoyed the short stay at the school very much, and we had a wonderful time hiking there and visiting Budapest for two days."

"... I want to thank ... for the great work they did by organizing this summer school. It's been a nice mixture of high quality lectures and entertainment ;)"

"I would like to thank you for organising this summer school, it was a great experience, I think everyone really enjoyed it a lot..."

"I would like to say that this Summer School was excellent, the organization was amazing and I enjoyed it very much. I thank you all for this opportunity, I'm extremely grateful. Thanks for everything"

"It was a pleasure to participate in this Summer School. As I said before, the lectures were great and we had lots of fun with everyone."

"I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me to take participation to the Summer School in Visegrad. The courses were on a very high level, and I was very lucky to acquire a multitude of new knowledge, that I have to assimilate long after the Summer School. I would also like especially to express my admiration for the organization for the entire event."

"...I want to thank your for all the work on the Summer School. During the event, everything went really well and I think what you arranged was an outstanding opportunity for the young researchers. Personally, I made contact with some very nice people, partly working on the same field which I think never happened to me before in this way. It feels really good and encouraging to speak with others knowing the same special kind of daily work problems.
While some of the lectures of the first week were really complicated and hard to understand for me, I fully enjoyed the second half, especially being able to listen to some of the big experts, which I knew only from papers so far. Thank you very much for the great organization and hosting in Hungary."

"First of all, thank you very much for all! I really enjoyed to know you and your country! Congratulation on the organization of this Summer School! This Summer School was wonderful!! Also, this Summer School provided to me important additional value for my scientific career and culture."

"... I had such a great time in Visegrad! The organization was amazing, and the lectures really good..."

"I wish to express once again my acknowledgement for all of your efforts regarding the Summer school. The school was very successful and both of you were great hosts, you made participation in the School very comfortable. Also, you presented your beautiful country in the best way so I returned home with a lot of nice memories."

"... I realise that time in Visegrad was little, too little, I dont know how many people share this feeling with me, but i guess we are a few... I'd like to tell you all first that, it was an immense honour to get to know you all... The purpose of this email is indeed to thank you all for the good times we passed together, To the organisation that had all the trouble to join us and then to take us apart :-) knowing that something not so visible would stay, connecting us in other ways. But finally, I'd like to explain why i think it this period was too little, you all have come all the way along to Visegrad and spend a few days to try to learn a bit more about the climate concept, of course drinking a few beers was on the plan as well... what wasn't in my plan was you making my days there so wonderful and making me wishing for more."

"I am writing you to thank you so much for everything, mainly to give me a chance to participate in that great event that the summer school was, and for its superb organisation, indeed the group was a very interesting one..."

"I would like to thank you again for the nice Summer School. It was educational and fun and I had a great time."

"Thank you very much for organize this summer school. I think that all I have learnt will be important for my scientific career and I have spent a wonderful time in your country."

"Thank you for excellent organization, I had a great time in Visegrad."

"Once again, thanks to you ... for a well organised event...... was quite pleased (and exhausted) by the many high level contribution - as well as about the opportunity to meet young colleagues with a similar interest - in particular one female participant ;-)"

"... I am also grateful personally for your unstinting & very successful efforts for the School..."

"Thanks again for a great experience in Visegrad"

"I must tell you that I sent some of these photos to my family when I was in Hungary, saying that I had a really good time here, and my grand-mother (yes she has internet !) answered me : "thank you for make us dream a little... for me Hungary was a real surprise (yes, both landscapes and people !) and I wanted to share this with my family and friends:) And I continue telling to everyone that this country is magic... So : you make me discover Hungary, you make me have new friends I will keep a long time... and you gave me the wish to meet some other people in some other places ..."

"All of the arrangements for the Summer School were first-rate. The planning and execution of the working sessions were flawless. The scientific discussions were outstanding. The students in attendance were excellent young scientists. The social events were interesting, beautiful and fun for all."

COST Action 0601 
Városklíma 2011 
RCM Workshop 2008 
HIRLAM / AAA Workshop 2007 
The preparation of climate atlas 
17th EGOWS Meeting 
ALADIN 2002 
6th Seminar for homogenization 
5th Seminar for homogenization 
3rd Seminar for homogenization 
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