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Some statistics about the applications
Location and accommodation
Anticipated costs
Anticipated schedule of the selection process  

Some statistics about the applications

  • Approximately 150 persons applied for participation in the Summer School.
  • The number of people who applied for full or partial financial support is about 110.
  • The applications have arrived from different regions of the World:
    • Europe: 77 persons (from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK),
    • Asia: 33 persons (from India, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Korea, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Korea),
    • Africa: 14 persons (from Niger, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania),
    • North America: 13 persons (from the USA and Canada),
    • South America: 10 persons (from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru),
    • Australia: 4 persons,
    • We have not received application from the Antarctica (yet).
  • The age-composition of the candidates covers broad spectrum (see the related figure).

Location and accommodation

  • Location: in two hotels in Visegrád (in the picturesque Danube Bend): Hotel Visegrád and Hotel Honti. The hotels are located in 150 m distance from each other and also close to public transport (to/from Budapest and to the neighbouring locations).
  • Rooms: single rooms for the lecturers and double rooms (or triple rooms with gallery) for the students.
  • Catering: buffet breakfast and lunch, menu or buffet for dinner.
  • Internet: wifi everywhere in the hotels and one terminal with internet in each hotel at the reception.
  • Wellness: swimming pool and sauna are available in Hotel Visegrád (free of charge)
  • Sightseeing: Danube (100m from the hotel), Visegrád city, Visegrád Castle (top of the hill), various footpaths in the neighbouring forests, nice cities, villages nearby (Esztergom, Szentendre)
  • Transfer from/to the airport: the hotels have four minibuses and they can arrange transfers from/to the airport (will be arranged by the organisers).
  • More information and photography about the hotels are available on the following websites:

Anticipated costs

  • Approximately 45-50 applications will be accepted until the end of February.
  • The expenses of the lecturers and 15 students will be fully supported.
  • The other students have to cover their costs individually.
  • The anticipated costs for the students are as follows:
    • Accommodation in double rooms with full board: around 70 euro per day (40 euro for the room and 30 euro for the meals);
    • Possible additional drinks and meals.
  • All the "central" expenses are covered by the supporting organizations: coffee/tea breaks, meeting room and related facilities, transfer from/to the airport, excursions.

Anticipated schedule of the selection process

  • End of January: selection of supported students (15 persons);
  • Mid-February: notification of those non-supported students, who asked for support (asking their possibility for taking part in the Summer School without financial support);
  • End of February: final selection of participants.
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