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Station history

kep11901 - 1950

At the beginning of the 20th century the observation point was the astronomical observatory on the northern border of the city, led by Jenő Gothard. As an astronomer, Gothard was in close correspondence with Miklós Konkoly Thege (who was director of the Meteorological Institute from 1890), so it is no surprising that he undertook atmospheric measurements.
The station was established in 1886 and continued to operate after Gothard's death in 1909 until 1918.
Since then, the measurements have continued in the area of the City Waterworks (current address: Váci Mihály u 30 / a) in a good location, although later the trees in the area have grown significantly. The station received the sunshine recorder in 1929, so sunshine data are available only from 1930.

kep21950 - 2000

To serve domestic air traffic, from 1 January 1950 measurements were continued close to the terminal of the airport to northeast of the city (however the Waterworks station was in operation until 1967). On 1 January, 1965 the station was moved to about 1000 meters south of the previous site, providing a much more open environment for measurements.

Automatic instruments have been installed at the station since 18 November 1994, but the precipitation data in this data set is still derived from measurements from traditional raingauge.


NumberName of the stationLatitudeLongitudeBeginning of the periodEnd of the period
1 Szombathely; Astrophysical Observatory of Herény 47°15'48"N 16°36'07"E 01.01.1901. 05.31.1918.
2 Szombathely; Waterworks 47°14'40"N 16°36'23"E 06.01.1918. 12.31.1949.
3 Szombathely; Airport, close to the terminal
47°16'26"N 16°37'31"E 01.01.1950. 12.31.1964
4 Szombathely; Airport, about 1000 meters south of the previous site 47°16'03"N 16°38'02"E 01.01.1965. 12.31.2000