Thursday 18 July 2024
Outreach and education

Besides research activity, we endeavour to disseminate our work at national and international scientific events, familiarize the end-users with the applicability of model results and educate the future scientific generation and the general public.


  • In 2011 we prepared a questionnaire that assessed the Hungarian people’s awareness of climate change. We used its results in planning our dissemination activity;

  • The Meteorological Scientific Days organised in different subject in each year or the Hungarian Meteorological Society’s sessions in various topics serve as a great opportunity to present our latest scientific results on national level;

  • We frequently contribute with presentations or posters to international conferences and workshops related to climate modelling (e.g., EURO-CORDEX, the annual assembly of the European Meteorological Society);

  • In order to strengthen our international relationships, we organise scientific events, such as a regional climate modelling mini-workshop in 2008, an international summer school focusing on climate change and variability in Visegrád in 2009 and the International Workshop on Climate Change in 2016;

  • We provide professional trainings and active consultations to the users and end-users about the applicability and limitations of the climate model results, e.g., at the end-user workshops of the RCMGiS project;

  • We give lectures about the physics and mathematics of atmospheric modelling and provide practical sessions about modelling for meteorologist and mathematician students at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science:;

  • We try to increase our society’s awareness of climate change and climate modelling with educational presentations given at primary and secondary schools, at the annually organised Night of Museums or at other forums.

  • We prepare brochures about our research activity for the general public in Hungarian and English.